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Brett, Sales Superstar


Brett Yeager is a sales superstar, winning the #1 Sales Representative Award in both 2013 and 2014 at EMC, a $22 billion Fortune 100 corporation (now part of DELL TECHNOLOGIES). He has also been a repeat member of the EMC President’s Club for high-level producers. Prior to his tenure at EMC, Brett was a consistent peak performer with dozens of regional and national sales awards over the last two decades.

Work & Career

Brett Yeager is also a gifted public speaker, trainer, educator & the author of an upcoming book on sales excellence. Brett is a lifelong student of human excellence, and has developed training programs & coaching in sales, negotiation, communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, peak performance, effectiveness and time management. Brett is also certified in the B.A.N.K. Personality Selling System, and is a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Life & Living

Brett is passionate about everything he does in life. He loves learning, reading, teaching, coaching, selling, music, arts, sports, everything. Brett is an avid skier and makes a pilgrimage to the big mountains for some powder skiing a couple weeks every winter. Together with his wife, Brett also owns a real estate investment company dealing in rehabs, rentals, and private lending.

More about Brett

WIn addition to investing, speaking & training, Brett has been a Senior Account Manager/Global Account Manager at Dell EMC – Emerging Technology Division supporting some of the world’s largest media & entertainment companies, including NBC, CBS, ABC, MLB, NFL, NBA, VERIZON, and more. Dell EMC is part of the DELL TECHNOLOGIES Group, the world’s largest private technology company. DELL EMC is the Enterprise Division ($22B annually) with over 65,000 employees. Brett Yeager has over 20 years’ experience in high-end sales and marketing, with a special focus on technology. As a high-powered sales executive who knows how to get things done, Brett was the # 1 Sales Rep in the world for the EMC Isilon Storage Division in 2013, overachieving at 273% of Quota, and over $14M in sales. In 2014 he was awarded #1 Sales Rep, for a second time, for an unprecedented two years in a row. Brett has also been in the President’s Club (elite performers from all areas of EMC) for numerous years.

In previous positions, Brett has been a Senior Sales Rep, as well as Director of Sales & Marketing for a variety of companies in the northeast, consistently delivering quota-beating results, and winning numerous Club awards and national and regional sales contests. He also does Public Speaking and Training on Sales, Effectiveness, Marketing, Productivity, and Communication Skills.

Brett is licensed in NLP and Sales Mastery and also in the B.A.N.K. Personality Selling Systems. Over the past 15 years he and his wife have also invested in real estate, including Rehab projects, Rentals, Short Sales, and Private Lending.

Prior to a career in large corporate technology sales, Brett was involved in training and consulting for businesses through Profitability Consulting, Optimax Consulting and Brett Yeager & Associates.

What can Sales Training & Coaching do for you?

Well some things are obvious, and some maybe not so obvious, but we can start with the obvious – sales training and coaching can help you make more sales and make more money in commissions and promotions and raises. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, then improving your revenue and sales are central to your business survival. It is all about growth, and as the saying goes, nothing happens until a sale is made. For Individuals improving your sales skills and sales results also means greater job security. A top sales rep is always in high demand. Sales training and coaching enables you to improve sales skillsets as well as competencies & attitudes that contribute to being a high performer in business.

Other important benefits include greater client retention and loyalty, increasing average deal size, shortening sales cycles, increasing lead and referral volume. Ability to accelerate new team members success and ability to adapt to new company cultures. Faster identification of changes in your markets which enables you to adapt your sales strategies and tactics in realtime or near realtime. Also, as a group it will increase team morale and improve sales and overall productivity.