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Speaking & Training

Brett is available to speak and provide training on a wide variety of topics. (click -/+ sign to contract or expand list)

• Sales

• Marketing

• The B.A.N.K. Personality Selling System: Fast & Easy way to make more sales

• Personal Branding

• Time Management

• Planning

• 3 Ways to Double or Triple your income Now!

• How to Succeed in Large Companies

• How to Get the job of your dreams

• The 6 month Survival Guide for large company sales

• Do you want to become a SuperStar Sales Rep?

• You 2.0: The Key to Success is You!

• Health and Fitness for Busy Professionals

• Spirituality for Busy Professionals

• The Need for Speed: Create Results Fast

• Selling is a Team Sport: How to build teams that win, and that help you make it to #1

• Create a Success Environment: Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Master Mind.

• Amplify & Broadcast your Strengths

• Identify and repair your weakest link

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Skyrocket Your Earnings

Sales Training, Coaching & Products, as well as Keynote Speaking, that can help you grow your sales from 25% to 300%.

Who can benefit: sales execs wanting to get a fast start, seasoned sales execs wanting to make a breakthrough in sales results and commissions, entrepreneurs, business owners and companies that want more revenue, and more profits.

Hit The Target Every Time

Did you know that you could be missing out on 75% of your audience? Have you ever delivered the wrong sales pitch and lost the deal or put your sales campaign into a nose dive? People hate to be sold but they love to buy. The B.A.N.K. Personality Selling System helps you understand how people like to buy and customize your presentation to their style of buying. B.A.N.K. was designed specifically for Sales execs & entrepreneurs who need to increase their sales results fast. It is the only system reverse-engineered for sales. Brett is a certified B.A.N.K. trainer. Classroom as well as Online Training programs are available.

Hone Your Pitch

What are the 10 mistakes that most presenters make and how can you avoid them? How are you undermining your own message? What non-verbal communications are betraying your credibility and killing your sales? Group Training and Coaching programs are available to give you and your sales force the “Pitch Perfect” Blueprint. Receive specific actionable feedback on how to dramatically improve your pitch and your sales results.