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Cherie Pines

“Your Sales Mastery Training was fantastic! I continue to use what I learned there on a daily basis …You are a great speaker and trainer with loads of passion & enthusiasm. The class was motivating and inspiring. My sales skyrocketed after and the great thing is that my sales have continued at a higher level … I have been better at selling skills and also better at managing my state of mind resulting in amazing consistency every year. I have achieved quota more than anyone else in my company in the years since your class.”

Clinical Sales Consultant

Yan Tsirklin

“The one super important thing I took away from your sales training is managing my state. I find myself doing the “Yes” exercise in elevators, in the bathroom, and in the car. Just to insure I am in the right state for a call or meeting. Truly helps keep me in a positive state, be more effective in sales calls, and close more deals!”

VP Sales global-E
Peter McLaughlin

Brett’s two day Sales Training class was masterful. He did a fantastic job of applying the tools to sales with a perfect blend of the theoretical with the practical, hands-on exercises so necessary to integrate new learning. “ This class was one of the key building blocks in my deeper understanding of how to be more effective in sales utilizing psychological principles. Compared to standard types of sales training, Brett’s class far and away exceeded the “process” or “system" approach to selling. I continue to see Brett’s insights as an inspiration on my own journey in professional sales that has included writing a book on selling as well as my own approach to sales training.

President, BTC Sales Development

Mitch Harris

“What I’ve seen Brett accomplish in his sales career truly separates him from the masses. Number One in the world two years in a row at a Fortune 500 company is unheard of. And Brett has an uncanny way of translating the methods and systems behind his success into the training programs he offers. You must attend his programs!”

“The Samurai of Sales”





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